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“SPI Singapore Show Camaraderie.”

— “From L to R: Yeon Jin Kim, Tony Kim, Ga Young Park, Soon Hee Kim and KB Cha” —

Amid all the Coronavirus doom and gloom, a new sense of compassion and camaraderie is blossoming as people reach out to support others. In their own way, the staff at SPI Singapore reached out in support of fellow colleagues in Seoul.

With China the first country to feel the effects of the virus with simple but essential products quickly becoming hard to find, it wasn’t long before other parts of the world were experiencing the same shortfall. As the virus spread to S Korea it became increasingly difficult to find face masks, hand sanitser, thermometers and other day to day products, which are selling out fast.

SPI Marine has an office in Seoul, and in a show of solidarity, the Singapore office rose to the challenge of obtaining masks and thermometers to send to colleagues in S Korea. As Soon Hee Kim, the manager of the Korean office said:

“It is very very difficult to buy masks in S Korea because as a country we exported a lot [of these products] and also helped China when the situation was serious there. We expected that we would be able to contain it [the virus] successfully in Korea, until we found a church group had brought it back from China, after which the virus spread very quickly here. “So, for now we can only get two mask a week per person, but it’s still very difficult to buy, you need to queue for at least 1 hour without guarantee, so we asked the Singapore office for help. We were very touched and so happy to receive our parcel.”