SPI establishes in the UK

It wasn’t long before the growth globally required a presence in Europe. With this, SPI Marine opened its European office in the

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Global Rebranding

With its global vision, STCI and Panasia Marine merged in 2011 to form SPI Marine, together moving over 13 MTPA. Investment into

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Middle East expansion

In 2007,  the group was awarded business with the Oman Methanol Company, which saw the opening of a dedicated office in Oman.

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Back in the USA

With business growing across the pond, STCI establishes its second US office, this time in Houston, Texas

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Korea opens for business

To support our operations and the success of our regional COA’s between Korean Owners and major Oil companies, we matched our business

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Panasia Marine expands into China

In 2005, with strong growth into China and business with CNOOC and Shell Petrochemicals, the Shanghai office is opened with a rapidly

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Panasia Marine Relocates

Panasia Marine, together with STCI, relocates from Hong Kong to Singapore to a new office.

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Panasia Marine Ltd is founded

With a need to expand presence in Asia, Panasia Marine Ltd is founded with Mike Kardel at the helm, based out of

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