SPI Marine expands into Switzerland

In 2021, SPI Marine opened an office in Nyon, Switzerland, further expanding its global network and presence. With Managing Director Jonathan Le

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SPI opens Europe office

With its global vision, the SPI Group establishes a presence in Europe when Graeme Harness joins in 2014, opening the UK branch.

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MPLA joint venture

In 2014 SPI Marine forms Manuport Logistics Asia (MPLA), a joint-venture with Manuport Logistics NV (Antwerp), to offer the full range of

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Global rebranding

STCI and Panasia Marine merge in 2011 to form SPI Marine, handling a combined multi-million tonne volume per annum. The Group steps

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Middle East expansion

When the Group is awarded Oman Methanol Company’s business, Peter Wakely joins to open the office in Sohar, ahead of OMC’s start-up

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Back in the USA

With business growing across the pond, STCI establishes its second US office, this time in Houston, Texas, which is rapidly becoming a

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Korea opens for business

To strengthen our operations and build on existing COAs between Korean Owners and Major Oil companies, Soonhee Kim is hired to re-establish a presence in Seoul.

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Panasia Marine expands into China

With the support of CNOOC and Shell Petrochemicals (CSPC), the Shanghai office is opened in 2005 under Frank Chen’s leadership, diversifying quickly by establishing an agency division.

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Panasia Marine relocates

As STCI joins the Asian partnership, the business becomes global and Panasia Marine relocates from Hong Kong to Singapore, which is starting

Panasia Marine relocates2020-06-09T14:16:54+00:00
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