“Water goes around”

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2019 Outlook

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Brexit on Trade

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Rate Spike Potential

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Shipping Is Back, And The Finance Sector Knows It

The ship finance sector has witnessed a few difficult years but it is once again attracting big banks back into the maritime industry.  With volatility in asset prices posing a unique and challenging environment, SPI Marine’s asset desk incorporates market knowledge, market research and S&P services to help industry players in the chemicals and edible oils segment successfully buy and sell ships, arrange time-charters, contract new buildings and dispose of older tonnage.

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Talking 2020

Return to SPI MARINE NEWS Talking 2020 – Market Commentary [London, September 2018] –  Not surprisingly, as the deadline is fast approaching,

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Regulation Ready

In just 16 months’ time, the industry will face one of the biggest shakeups in bunker standards since oil was used as fuel. To be able to comply with IMO 2020, Read More...

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Hot Costs

Many are making the most of the summer months, enjoying long holidays while schools are closed and are taking advantage - especially in typically cooler climes like the UK – of the heat wave. Read More...

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Game Of Trade

Free trade has led to the significant expansion of shipping goods around the world. However, the current global trade wars could potentially harm not only local economies and international relations, Read More...

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