Markets August 2020

[Return to SPI MARINE NEWS]---- "Markets August 2020." Latest Market Update Asia: ".... The summer lull appeared to be in full swing this month, after showing signs of slowing down in the previous month. With many countries experiencing a recession and some companies going out of business, global demand is expected to

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Markets July 2020

[Return to SPI MARINE NEWS]---- "Markets July 2020." Latest Market Update Europe: "....The summer drums have started rumbling in Europe while the expected travelling activities remain at minimum. The effect of Covid-19 is still seen as a threat and several regions and cities in Europe are taking new steps to

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Markets June 2020

[Return to SPI MARINE NEWS]---- "Markets June 2020." Latest Market Update Asia: "... The market in the past month has been rather volatile and fast-changing. Crude oil increased from around $30/bbl in around mid-May to over $40/bbl in mid-June amid confidence of demand as various countries began to ease protection measures against COVID-19 while supply

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Markets May 2020

[Return to SPI MARINE NEWS]---- "Markets May 2020."   Latest Market Update USA: "... What a difference a month can make. On 23 April SPI’s Triangulation Trading (TC 2 + TC 14) Benchmark reached a plateau of $101,398 TCE per day. By 22 May it had dropped to $16,480 TCE per day.

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