Markets February 2020

[Return to SPI MARINE NEWS]---- "Markets February 2020." The market in 2020 started well in many regions outside of Asia, with rates firming across the board, namely on the back of the bunker switch. However, in comparison, Asia failed to gather much momentum and slipped into a lower gear. Fingers

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Coronavirus Update – “cause and infect”

Return to SPI MARINE NEWS "Coronavirus Update." The number of Coronavirus cases doubles every five days. In comparison to the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) epidemic of 2003 which affected 8,100 during its eight-month outbreak; the number of reported Coronavirus cases as of 5 February has hit over 24,500, up

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“Every Sulphur Cloud has a Silver Lining” – Market Commentary

Return to SPI MARINE NEWS "Every Sulphur Cloud has a Silver Lining." Of late there has been talk of a return to slow steaming, last seen when bunker prices were last at their highest (around 2013-1H 2014). For the Shipowning/Operating community this seems to tackle a number of issues; absorbing

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