Hot Costs

Many are making the most of the summer months, enjoying long holidays while schools are closed and are taking advantage - especially in typically cooler climes like the UK – of the heat wave. Read More...

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Game Of Trade

Free trade has led to the significant expansion of shipping goods around the world. However, the current global trade wars could potentially harm not only local economies and international relations, Read More...

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Trade And Sanctions At Play

This month President Trump withdrew from the nuclear peace programme because he says Iran weren’t making the changes agreed upon in the deal. The Joint Commissions Plan of Action was signed by the USA, the European Union, Russia, China in 2015 whereby Iran agreed to limit its nuclear development programme in return for the end of economic sanctions. Read More...

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Environment On The Agenda

Since last month, there has been more discussion on the impact shipping fuel oil has on the environment and the necessary regulations that need to be implemented for the maritime industry to do its bit. The Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) met for the 72nd session two weeks ago to discuss the climate change strategy for shipping. Read More...

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‘Hot’ Oil Debate

The biofuels debate continues to be a hot issue and the movement of it has, and always will be driven by politics. Last month saw the European Parliament announced its decision to phase-out the use of palm oil in biofuel by 2021 dropping the permitted level of crop-based biofuels that can be used to the member states’ 2017 consumption levels, Read More...

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