Brexit on Trade

Return to SPI MARINE NEWS   Brexit on Trade - Market Commentary As the UK scrambles to finalise a deal to leave the European Union, ahead of the European leaders Summit on the 25 November, stumbling blocks remain over the UK’s access to the EU single market and access to

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Rate Spike Potential

Return to SPI MARINE NEWS   Rate Spike Potential - Market Commentary [London, October 2018] -- At the recent EPCA in Europe this month, all that anyone could talk about was the IMO 2020 regulations that is set to transform the industry. Many were gripping about the costs, the uncertainty,

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PRESS RELEASE - SPI MARINE LAUNCHES NEW GLOBAL WEBSITE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CLICK TO VIEW PRESS RELEASE [London, 25th October 2018]: SPI Marine is proud to announce the launch of its new interactive global website.   For more information contact Savahna: or Tel: +44 (0) 203 621 772

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Shipping Is Back, And The Finance Sector Knows It

The ship finance sector has witnessed a few difficult years but it is once again attracting big banks back into the maritime industry.  With volatility in asset prices posing a unique and challenging environment, SPI Marine’s asset desk incorporates market knowledge, market research and S&P services to help industry players in the chemicals and edible oils segment successfully buy and sell ships, arrange time-charters, contract new buildings and dispose of older tonnage.

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Talking 2020

Return to SPI MARINE NEWS Talking 2020 – Market Commentary [London, September 2018] –  Not surprisingly, as the deadline is fast approaching, we can’t seem to get away from the IMO 2020 discussion. It becomes all the more concerning when we see crude oil prices racing back towards the $100

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