Data Intelligence

Market Research

Spotting market trends early, enables our clients to recognize opportunities and challenges early.

SPI Marine’s Market Intelligence, Research and Analytical department prides itself on a team of shipping and logistics professionals, whose in-depth research methods provide our customers with a complete understanding of the regional and global freight markets, identifying and analysing the factors that determine long and short term trends.

Working closely with our brokers who have their fingers on every market pulse, our team have access to the very latest market information and data, enabling us to produce relevant intelligence reports with key insights. These have become invaluable tools in supporting day-to-day trading activities and long term strategic planning.

We supply a broad range of live, daily, periodic and analytical material, with our trusted and authoritative reports covering historic, current and projected freight trends, reported fixtures and vessel availability. We evaluate regional and global fleet developments, commodity demand/supply balances, trade flow statistics, the impact of new regulations and legislation as well as variances in vessel values and operational costs, enabling our customers to remain competitive in today’s complex freight environment.

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